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Hi, I'm Lisa!

Atter my massive health decline in the conventional autoimmune paradigm, I chose to take healing autoimmune dis-ease into my own hands. Something inside of me KNEW that there was another way.


We are divinely, intelligently, and brilliantly designed to BE WELL.


I now live a thriving life WITHOUT the symptoms that once were life interfering.


Only in a society severely disconnected from self could we believe that people who have reversed dis-ease and maintain perpetual health via natural modalities are trying to harm you while notoriously corrupt companies who profit off of disease are trying to help you. 


The vast majority of my life I would have classified myself as a type A, perfectionist, high achiever.  I was the first person in my family to go to college, get a Masters Degree, do sports - you name it, I did it - many firsts!  I became a fitness instructor and taught high intensity fitness classes.  I taught students with special needs, got married, had two kids, started a photography business so I could stay home with them, etc. etc. etc. I never slowed down. I was constantly pushing myself to do more. I was always busy. I played hard.  I lived hard. I rarely slept. Literally was the Energizer Bunny.  I was always intense. 

After years of seemingly unrelated (yet related) symptoms and after some major stress events…  In 2011, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.   

I was immediately thrust into an unfamiliar world of autoimmunity and into an autoimmune paradigm that never felt right from the start. ¬†Upon it being declared that I had a ‚Äúdisease,‚ÄĚ I was presented with three notebooks at that neurologist‚Äôs office with three different pharmaceutical drugs. I was told that I had to pick one or I would become disabled or die quickly. I was told there were no other options. I was 33 and terrified. My kids were 4 and 2.¬†

Based on that conversation and me in a tremendous fear state, I scoured the notebooks and chose the one that I thought was the least interfering in my family’s life, because I truly believed what the "specialists" told me -  that pharmaceuticals for my "disease" were the only path and if I didn't follow it, I "wouldn't last long" - yes, that was an actual quote from a former neurologist.

Multiple Sclerosis symptoms impacted me immensely for 6.5 years. My decline was gradual for many years, slowly losing the ability to run, hike, bike, walk more than a ¬Ĺ mile when I used to do Tough Mudders, run races, and be incredibly active. I was a teacher and a fitness instructor.¬† I used to drag the right side of my body. My balance was horrendous. You could hug me and I would fall over if I didn‚Äôt catch myself. I had a difficult time lifting my right leg, experienced drop foot, and excessive weakness on the right side of my body. Invisibly, I fought severe fatigue, significant cognitive fog, impaired word retrieval, hot and cold temperature sensitivity, numbness, lack of feeling in my right foot, tingling, burning, and slurring of my words, especially as the severe fatigue crept in daily. I am/was a master compensator so I constantly tried to make it so no one knew how bad I was getting.¬† In the Fall of 2017, my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms were so debilitating that I had to quit my teaching job.¬†

What in the actual world?!? Weren‚Äôt the ‚Äútherapies‚ÄĚ supposed to stop this?¬†

It NEVER felt right from the start.  

Deep down, I always knew the recommended route of pharmaceutical disease modification was not working, but I didn’t know there was any other way, so I ignored my gut instinct, believed what every specialist told me to be true, and I declined tremendously. I was the ideal patient, yet my symptoms were impacting all areas of life - I could barely function physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  I followed and never questioned every recommendation.   Until I did.  

We are divinely, intelligently, brilliantly designed.  We are self-healing.  As I embraced an ancestral way of nourishing my body according to the blueprints of my biology, the reality above is a distant memory and today I am empowered, thriving, and teaching my clients how to live a dis-ease free life.  I didn't realize the impact that a fully nourished body would have on dis-ease until I witnessed and experienced it myself. Now I teach my clients how to self-heal autoimmunity using non-invasive, nature oriented, holistic tools and strategies.  

Over 6 holistic lifestyle years later, I live a dis-ease free life.  

It doesn't have to be this way

I spent 6.5 years with declining health ‚Äď fatigue, low energy, weakness, cognitive fog, poor balance, drop foot, impaired word retrieval, hot and cold temperature sensitivity, numbness, lack of feeling in my right foot, tingling, burning, and slurring of my words and physically losing my mobility.

I was told this was just the way it was with Multiple Sclerosis and that I could do nothing else but take the next tier of pharmaceuticals. This led to me resigning from my special education teaching job because I couldn’t work any longer.

As my health worsened and symptoms accumulated, I chose to take healing into my own hands. Something inside of me KNEW that there was another way. I was done with conventional autoimmune model.

I now live a thriving life WITHOUT the symptoms that once were life interfering. As my health drastically improved, I obsessively studied natural healing modalities where I developed a DEEP understanding of dis-ease and created The Lovely Method. I switched careers from teaching kids to teaching people with autoimmunity how to nourish their foundation so they can live lives free of dis-ease.

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I started this entire self-healing journey because of my kids.  I had observed my function disappear for years, despite following all my practitioner’s recommendations which at that point were solely pharmaceutical. I wasn't able to be the mom I had always thought I would be and that was devastating.  


As I witnessed my own recovery that started with the power of nutrition and led to my understanding that stress is the cause of dis-ease - clarity became abundant as I fueled my body properly.  I had been living a lifestyle that was not in harmony with my body.  My foundations were stressed.  


I realized that we are divinely, intelligently, and brilliantly designed to self-heal.  So, I got out of my own way and turned the noise down on the folks that interfered with that. 


We are not diseased my friend, we are in dis-ease.  We are out of balance.  I know EXACTLY how it feels to try to see the forest through the trees.  I’ve been there and now I provide a compass to help you get out.


I went back to school for nutrition at the age of 40 after about 9 months of self-healing.  I still had a lot of work to do at that point, but my energy, my fatigue, my walking, my thinking, was so different that I knew my new why was to help YOU.  


If you are done with the way things have been with your autoimmune experience or simply just want to go another route, I can help YOU.  This is a partnership and you are the steward, I am the guide. 


My clients learn how to self-heal like a BOSS. 

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Masters in Education M.Ed

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner FNTP¬ģ

Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition BCHN¬ģ

Wahls Protocol¬ģ Certified Health Practitioner¬†Practitioner Listing

Guest on The Doctors TV Show with Dr. Terry Wahls - February 2020 Watch episode

Author - Seven Seasons:  A Journal of Healing My Multiple Sclerosis Seven Seasons

Photographer, fitness instructor, out of the box thinker, obsessive learner of all things self-healing

Recovering Type A perfectionist and high achiever

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