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At the heart of The Lovely Method is a Nourished Foundation

You were gifted a beautiful body in which you are blessed to steward this gift in which you live. We are divinely, intelligently, and brilliantly designed. 

We are gifted with a foundation that can do more than just hold a house above ground.  A proper foundation ensures optimal function and set up a life free of dis-ease.  When you have a proper foundation and you are presented with elements (as this life guarantees), you can harmonize your body to handle them. Without a nourished foundation, you sink. 



If you are experiencing dis-ease, your foundation is under stress. The body is a divine, intricate design, but healing is simple.  

A stable foundation is a resilient foundation.  Think of it like supports – beams, walls, footings, etc. in a house foundation. 

My personal experience showed me what were necessary foundations and my work with clients has corroborated this further.

When we nourish these, life changes. 


Shift perspective 

Simply understand that symptoms do not have to exist when you reset the foundation of the body.    

Bottom line, no matter what the label, no matter what the symptoms, dis-ease is indicative of stress in the body.

We partner together to develop a personalized plan to find and correct the stress at the foundation. 

Suppressing symptoms and labeling chronic dis-ease does not lead you to health restoration.  

My unique approach teaches you how to reset your foundation.  

Your symptoms are not the enemy.  They are simply messengers of an out of balance body. 

You can take your power back and transform your health RIGHT NOW.


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brain fog, fatigue, stress, concentration, weakness, numbness, tingling, vision, dizziness, coordination


nausea, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, heartburn, intestinal/stomach pain, belching, passing gas


chronic inflammation, accumulating symptoms, worsening symptoms, and life-interfering symptoms


trouble sleeping, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, emotional disturbances, difficulty with weight loss/gain


"What a priceless gift you offer! You provide a model for successfully managing the debilitating symptoms of M.S. 

What more could a person ask for?!  To your one-on-one sessions you bring your personal experience, structure, scientific data, choices, hands on practical living solutions, and out of the box "wackadoodle", playful investigation.

With your guidance I have become empowered and have found Hope."

My Specialties


Holistic Nutrition

Nutrition should be delicious, simple, and life supportive.  It is the raw materials that our physical foundation is built on.  Eat foods that you can digest. 


“All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates.  Utilizing the nutrients you put into your body is essential.  When food is not properly digested, you experience toxicity.  Restore normal function. 


Stress is the cause of all dis-ease.  Symptoms are the result of stress in the body – trying to become stable.  Mitigate stress, ease dis-ease. 

What to Expect:



This partnership dives deep into bringing you back home to yourself, so you know how to take care of yourself.  We reset your physical foundation so you can live a life free of dis-ease.


 Thoughts become things.  You are in the right place at the right moment.  You are not here by accident. Release what no longer serves you and make space for what does.


We will establish a personalized nutrition and digestion baseline based on your goals.   I will share with you the what, why, and how to help guide you to your success. 


You will be supported with live video sessions, messaging, teaching videos and PDF’s so you don’t have to ever do this alone again.  You will be empowered to implement your personalized nutrition and digestion plan and I will be there to help you adjust. 


My Approach

Nutrition & Digestion

Utilize proper hydration, protein, fat, and fiber and support digestion to help you rebuild your physical foundation


Move your body so your parts don’t rust and fluids circulate – you are designed to move with ease and functionality


Develop stability in the law that requires rest, sleep and recreation - Provide the body with recovery time for healing


Cleanse the body internally and externally - Clear out the excess and toxicity that is clouding your body and intuition


"I’m reflecting on these past 2 years with gratitude.

I am super thankful I found this protocol and YOU!

I’m proud that I have not had one cheat food or cheat snack in 2 years.

I had no idea I could do it….

especially during a pandemic when there were food shortages, gym closures, long lines to wait in and additional stress.

I’m thankful for the many improvements I have had."

I'm ready!  What happens next?

I help people with autoimmune symptoms reset their foundation so they can live lives free of dis-ease.


The purpose of the consult call is to get to know each other.  From there, you can share where you are, what your goals are, and where you want to be. 


We will be tackling big changes together.  This is a unique partnership with an experienced practitioner who knows how to help you get the results you seek. 


Our coaching relationship starts with a 4-month package.  This commitment to a long-term coaching relationship will help you get the best results.   


Are you ready to fix your problem?



"Thank you SO much for all of your help! I am back from Peru. It was a lovely trip and overall much better than expected. The plane was great I took enough for two meals and plenty of snacks. I found that as long as I am eating something while everyone else is eating I don't crave what everyone else has. Thank you for all of your help and advice! I feel like Peru was my graduation after many challenging months and I think I passed!"